webRTC.ventures integration

Build communication applications with WebRTC ventures that are powered by Symbl.ai’s generative AI

About webRTC.ventures

WebRTC Ventures build, integrate, test, deploy and manage live video applications for customer service, sales, and other domains. Symbl.ai powers communications applications developed by WebRTC Ventures with language understanding and generative AI capabilities:

  • Trackers: Detect predefined and custom keywords and phrases using trackers
  • Summarization: Generate call summaries with varied lengths and format
  • Call scores: Generate call scores that are contextual to the business process across a customizable criteria including communication, engagement, question handling, and more.
  • Insights UI: Pre-built and embeddable interface that displays call scores, sentiments, summary, and other conversation intelligence.

With Symbl.ai and WebRTC Ventures, customers can empower customer service, sales, & other domains for businesses to improve user productivity, accelerate time to value, and reduce development and maintenance costs.

Core competency: WebRTC development; UX; UI design

Industry expertise: Contact center; Telehealth;

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