Vonage Integration

Vonage Integration integration

Add Conversation Intelligence capabilities to Vonage’s interactive experiences

About Vonage Integration

Easily add Conversation Intelligence capabilities to Vonage’s interactive live video call experiences across mobile, web and/or desktop with the Symbl.ai Web SDK. Enable AI-driven conversation capabilities such as: intelligent speech-to-text functionalities, contextual insights extraction, domain specific insights detection, and advanced conversation analytics

Vonage Integration features

Key Features:

The Symbl.ai Web SDK provides a comprehensive suite of out-of-the-box Conversation Intelligence capabilities for integrating with your Vonage app experiences:

Transcription Plus: Intelligent speech-to-text capabilities, converting speech from video and/or live audio streams into transcripts, complete with markdown formatting and speaker separation.

Conversation Topics: Auto extract and organize all your conversations by topics Sentiment Analysis: Easily conduct sentiment analysis on any conversation, at the sentence and topic levels.

Action Items: Enable auto detection of specific outcomes recognized in a conversation that requires one or more speakers to act on.

Follow-ups: Auto detect follow ups —a type of action Item with connotations to follow up a request or a task (e.g. sending an email or making a phone call or booking an appointment or setting up a meeting).

Questions: Auto detect and identify explicit questions or requests for information that comes up during the conversation.

Custom Trackers: Track the occurrences of unique and contextually similar keywords or phrases to identify emerging trends and insights specific to your business and use cases.

Conversation Analytics: Analyze and measure speaker interaction and conversation patterns metrics such as: speaker ratio, talk time, silence, pace, overlap and more.

Auto Summarization: Auto summarize discussions and meetings from any video or audio interaction.


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