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Transform communication workflows using's purpose-built generative AI for conversation data with SIDGS as the implementation partner for accelerated development.

About SID Global Solutions

SID Global Solutions provides comprehensive digital transformation services to enhance digital presence and performance. & SIDGS together will enable customers to build communication workflows and applications with providing the AI component:

  • Transcription: Transcribe audio and video into text efficiently using’s Automatic Speech Recognition
  • Conversation Insights: Use conversation APIs to extract insights such as sentiment, topics, entities, and trackers in real time and asynchronously from communication data
  • Generative AI: With Nebula LLM, perform generative tasks such as call scoring, summarization and information extraction.

With SIDGS, customers can implement use cases such as searching across conversations and building a co-pilot for workflows such as service management. The partnership will expedite the time to market for customer products and solutions.

Core competency: Application as a Service, AI Powered Transformations, Application Modernization, and Automation

Industry expertise: Telecommunications, Banking and Finance, and others

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