Mutt Data integration

Develop GenAI solutions with's generative AI for conversation insights and Muttdata as implementation partner for accelerated development

About Mutt Data

Mutt Data is a technology company that helps small to large scale companies build and implement Machine Learning solutions. Mutt Data customers who are looking to build GenAI solutions in communications space can leverage for:

  • Transcription: Convert audio and video into text using’s Automatic Speech Recognition
  • Conversation Insights: Use conversations APIs to extract insights such as sentiment, topics, action items, follow-ups, and custom trackers in real time and asynchronously
  • Generative AI: With Nebula LLM, perform generative tasks such as call scoring, summarization and information extraction. Use Nebula embeddings to transform historic data and transcripts into vector representation and store them in a vector database for feeding contextual data into Nebula LLM.

Mutt Data can consult or implement business specific GenAI solutions and use cases such as real time assist in domains like incident management using’s purpose built AI for conversation data. This partnership will reduce the complex development effort and expedite the time to market.

Core competency: Machine learning consulting and solutions

Industry expertise: Teleco, Fintech, Martech, and Edtech

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