Google Cloud integration

Bringing real-time and asynchronous conversation intelligence for GCP customers with’s generative AI

About Google Cloud empowers GCP cloud customers to innovate in communication data analysis. This collaboration offers a seamless experience for developers to transform textual, audio, and video streams into actionable insights, either in real-time or asynchronously.

The platform offers:

  • Transcription: Utilize's Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) or opt for Google Speech to Text to convert audio and video into text efficiently
  • Conversation analysis: Choose asynchronous APIs insights for post call analysis or real-time processing for immediate insights such as sentiment, key entities, and custom trackers.
  • Nebula LLM for generative tasks: Use Nebula LLM for tasks like summarization and information extraction, building chatbots and developing specific use cases like real-time assistance or AI co-pilot systems, benefiting from low latency and high accuracy provided by GCP and
  • Nebula Embeddings: Transform transcripts into vector formats compatible and store them in a vector database for feeding contextual data into Nebula LLM.

Core competency: Cloud computing; Compute services; Database; Orchestration

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