FuturePath.ai integration

Develop communication applications using real time conversation intelligence and generative AI of Symbl.ai with FuturePath as implementation partner

About FuturePath.ai

Overview: FuturePath is a technology consulting firm with a strong emphasis on Artificial Intelligence and offers custom-made AI solutions to power the enterprises forward. Futurepath can develop custom AI solutions for customers using Symbl.ai’s purpose built AI for conversation data:

  • Transcription: Use Symbl.ai’s Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) to convert audio and video into text.
  • Conversation Insights: Extract insights such as sentiment, topics, entities, and more in real time and asynchronously by making a few API calls.
  • Generative AI: With Nebula LLM, perform generative tasks such as call scoring, summarization and information extraction.

Futurepath can consult or develop custom AI solutions such as business intelligence and products such as IT helpdesk chatbot using Symbl.ai products. The partnership will minimize the development effort, eliminate the model maintenance overhead, and expedite the time to market for customer products and solutions.

Core competency: AI Consulting, Generative AI, Model Selection, Model development, Deployment

Industry expertise: Technology

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