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Add Conversation Intelligence and AI driven interactive experiences to your applications with APIs. Easily enable intelligent speech-to-text functionalities, extract contextual insights, generate domain-specific insights and intelligence, and access advanced conversation analytics to enhance your app experiences. Integration features

Key Features provides a comprehensive suite of conversation intelligence APIs to quickly enable the following functionalities and experiences:

Intelligent Transcription: Easily generate transcripts, enabled with markdown formatting and speaker separation, for any audio or video interaction.

Live Captions: Easily add live captioning to enhance accessibility for video conferences.

Actionable insights: Enable auto detect questions, generate follow ups, and action items.

Advanced speaker analytics: Analyze speaker interactions and conversation pattern metrics such as: speaker ratio, silence, speaker pace, talk time, overlap and more.

Conversation Topics: Auto extract and organize all conversations from meetings and conferences topics of importance.

Sentiment Analysis: Easily conduct sentiment analysis, at the sentence and topic levels, on conference calls and meetings.

Monitor and Track Unique Insights: Easily track custom insights such as keyword spotting, custom intents, unique topics on any call, with minimal configurations.

Auto Summarization: Auto summarize discussions and meetings from any audio or video interaction.

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