Automation Anywhere Integration

Automation Anywhere Integration integration

Create voice enabled RPA bots with's conversation intelligence

About Automation Anywhere Integration

Create voice enabled Automation Anywhere RPA bots with the power of’s Conversation Intelligence platform. Automation Anywhere 360 is an integrated platform that transcends front office and back office technology siloes to automate business processes across all systems and applications, including both SaaS and legacy apps.

Automation Anywhere Integration features

Key Features:

Combine APIs and SDKs with the Automation Anywhere Robotic Process Automation (RPA) capabilities to easily integrate and/or build the following functionalities:

Intelligent Speech-to-Text:’s Transcription Plus makes it easy to convert speech from live audio streams and videos into text and transcripts.

Auto Detect Contextual Insights:’s Contextual Insights provides the ability to easily auto detect action items, questions, follow ups, and more from any conversation to be used for triggering automated workflow.

Conversation Topics: Auto extract and identify topics from conversations.

Custom Trackers: Trackers (custom business intents) allow you to track the occurrence of certain keywords or phrases in a conversation so you can identify emerging trends and gauge the nature of interactions. You can define keywords or phrases in a Tracker and Symbl will return messages that contain the same or contextually relevant phrases.

Conversation Analytic: Analyze and measure speaker interaction and conversation patterns metrics such as: speaker ratio, talk time, silence, pace, overlap and more.

Summarization: Distills important messages and creates succinct summaries to analyze long conversations or large volumes of conversations at scale.


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