api.video Integration

api.video Integration integration

Enable accessibility and automated content management with your videos

About api.video Integration

Easily generate transcripts and enable automated content management functionality across all your videos on api.video. With a few simple apis, you can easily transcribe all your videos, automate the generation of summaries, extract and classify videos by topics, and more with Symbl.ai.

api.video Integration features

The api.video Integration enables developers to easily process, transcribe and/or automate content management with AI across all videos, with the following features:

Key Features:

Transcription Plus: Intelligent speech-to-text capabilities for instantly generating transcripts from videos, complete with markdown formatting.

Conversation Topics: Auto extract and classify topics from any video.

Summarization: Auto generate comprehensive summaries from videos.

Sentiment Analysis: Easily conduct sentiment analysis on the contents of any video.

Questions: Auto detect and identify explicit questions proposed in video content.

Trackers: Prgrammable content data classifiers for tracking the occurrences of explicit and contextually similar keywords, intent, unique insights, and more.


api.video Integration pricing

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