Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon Web Services (AWS) integration

Seamless integration with AWS to generate real-time and asynchronous conversation intelligence with’s generative AI

About Amazon Web Services (AWS) empowers AWS cloud customers to innovate in communication data analysis. Developers can transform textual, audio and video streams into actionable insights, either in real-time or asynchronously. offers:

  • Transcription: Utilize's Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) or opt for Amazon Transcribe to convert audio and video into text efficiently.

  • Conversation Analysis: Choose Async APIs insights for post call analysis or Streaming API real-time processing for insights such as sentiment, key entities, and custom trackers.

  • Nebula LLM for Generative Tasks: Use Nebula LLM for tasks like summarization and information extraction, building chatbots and developing specific use cases like real-time assistance or AI co-pilot systems, benefiting from low latency and high accuracy provided by AWS and

  • Nebula Embeddings: Transform transcripts into vector formats compatible and store them using AWS OpenSearch for feeding contextual data into Nebula LLM.

Core competency: Cloud computing; Compute services; Database; Orchestration;

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