Amazon Chime integration

Add summarization, questions detection, topic modeling, and other conversation intelligence capabilities to Amazon Chime

About Amazon Chime

The Adapter for Amazon Chime SDK enables developers to enhance online meeting and video collaboration experiences by easily adding conversation intelligence capabilities such as: summarization, auto question detection, topic modeling, and more.

Amazon Chime lets users meet and chat online, and the Amazon Chime SDK lets developers add audio and video collaboration to their applications.

Amazon Chime features

Key Features:

The out-of-the-box conversation intelligence capabilities enabled by the adapter includes:

Auto Transcriptions: Easily generate transcripts, separated by speakers and mark down formatting, for any Chime call Live Captions: enable live captions to enhance accessibility for Chime calls.

Actionable insights: Auto detect questions, generate follow ups, and action items from your Chime calls.

Advanced speaker analytics: Analyze speaker interactions and conversation pattern metrics such as: speaker ratio, silence, speaker pace, talk time, overlap and more.

Conversation Topics: Auto extract and organize Chime conversations by topics of importance.

Sentiment Analysis: Easily conduct sentiment analysis on any Chime conversation, at the sentence and topic levels.

Monitor and Track Unique Insights: Custom Trackers enables the tracking of unique insights such as keyword spotting, user intent, custom topics, etc... with minimal configurations.


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