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Embed real-time conversation intelligence into your Agora Android mobile application

About Extension for Agora

The Extension for Agora allows you to embed real-time conversation intelligence into your Android mobile application, providing speech recognition capabilities, contextual analysis of conversation data, and analytics. Extension for Agora features

Key Features:

The Symbl Extension for Agora provides you the following out-of-the-box Conversation Intelligence capabilities:

Transcription Plus: Intelligent speech-to-text capabilities, converting speech from a live audio stream and/or video into text and transcripts.

Action Items: Auto detect specific outcomes recognized in a conversation that requires one or more speakers to act on.

Follow-up: Auto detect follow ups —a type of action Item with connotations to follow up a request or a task (e.g. sending an email or making a phone call or booking an appointment or setting up a meeting).

Questions: Auto detect and identify explicit questions or requests for information that comes up during the conversation.

Sentiment Analysis: Easily conduct sentiment analysis on any conversation, at the sentence and topic levels.

Conversation Topics: Auto extract and organize all your conversations by topics.

Custom Trackers: Track the occurrences of unique and contextually similar keywords or phrases to identify emerging trends and insights specific to your business and use cases.

Conversation Analytics: Analyze and measure speaker interaction and conversation patterns metrics such as: speaker ratio, talk time, silence, pace, overlap and more.

Resources: Extension for Agora listing screenshots

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